One last post

Looking ahead to the end of the school year and forward to next school year I’m thinking that I may take a break from our PE blog.  I’m planning on focusing my attention more on our other social media (Instagram and Twitter) so I’m able to provide more immediate feedback as to what we are currently working on in the gym.  This blog has been a great way to get the word out as to what has been happening “inside the gym walls”, however, like all good things I think it has run it’s course.

You can follow us @BrowningPhysEd on Twitter and Instagram where we post almost daily! Good luck to our runners running on Father’s Day as part of the Manitoba Marathon and I wish everyone a safe, healthy and active summer.  All the best!

M. Vermeylen

1st post in a while

I’ve been taking a break from the blog, but figured it was time for a post.  Wellness Month is wrapping up here at ÉRB, students have been busy tracking their water consumption, activity, sleep and have spent some time working on mindfulness.  It’s been a good month for everyone and I feel that all students have a better appreciation for what it means to be health and well!

In Phys. Ed. we’ve been doing a variety of things.  We been golfing (indoors), playing some hockey and also spent some time doing breakout boxes.  Lots of fun activities!  We will be transitioning to some new activities next week including soccer, hockey and maybe some field day activities as well.

Grade 5 Volleyball has also just begun.  We will be practicing twice a week and will be participating in a tournament on May 15th at Westwood Collegiate.

Tonight is our divisional speed stacking tournament.  Best of luck to our 12 representatives!

Lastly, the High 5 Run is only a month away.  Check out for all the details.  Hope to see you out on May 27th!

Wellness Month Starts April 1st!

April 1st-April 5th: Hydration Week:

Students are encouraged to bring a water bottle to school for the week.  Our goal is for everyone to drink two bottles of water a day.  Students will be tracking the water they drink daily on their tracking sheet. (Shade in half the bottle after drinking 1 bottle of water).  Any type of bottle is fine, we’d like to encourage everyone to bring reusable bottles if possible.

April 8th-April 12th: Exercise Week:

Students will be participating in an “active start” every day.  We will be walking the hallways of the school for 5-10mins following morning announcements.  Students will be using their tracking sheets to track their physical activity for the week.  Each portion of the pie is 10 minutes of exercise. The goal being 60 minutes of moderate intensity exercise daily.  Exercise at home counts towards our daily goals, so please help/encourage your child to complete their 60 minutes a day.

April 15th-April 19th: Mindfulness Week:

Students will be taking part in a mindfulness lessons for approx. 10 minutes every day.  They will be tracking their mood, focus and energy level before and after mindfulness every day. I’d recommend the Headspace App (Take 10 program).  It’s a free app and the “take 10” program is a free guided mindfulness program.  You do need to create an account with the app.  Students will be participating at school, however, you are welcome to do more at home.  Headspace is a great app and there are many other mindfulness programs, apps, videos available for free online.

April 22nd-April 26th: Sleep Week:

Students will be tracking their sleep pattern for the week.  Marking down what time they go to bed, what time they wake up and how many hours of sleep they get.  We’d also like to encourage our students to limit their screen time prior to sleep, and encourage proper sleep routines.

If you want to print off a tracking sheet and follow along at home please see the link below:

École Robert Browning Wellness Month

One more before the break

The past few weeks in Phys. Ed. we’ve been doing a variety of things.  We got a chance to get outdoors and do a few more runs with the cross-country skis.  All students in grades 4 and 5 had the opportunity to get out at least a couple of times.  Looking forward to doing more next winter already.  We also hope to be part of the St. James-Assiniboia Cross-Country Ski Race next March!

We have also been very busy speed stacking.  Students have been working on their 3-6-3 and their Cycle Stack.  Everyone is hoping to post a good time and have the opportunity to represent ÉRB at the divisional tournament at the end of April.  We’ve got some very fast stackers this year!

Lastly, we’ve been working on skipping.  The students are really enjoying it.  It’s a great fitness activity and it’s perfect for the spring season.  Hope to see lots of ropes outside during recess time.

Just a heads up that registration for the High 5 Community 5km Run is now open!  You can visit the race website at for all the race information.  Hope to see you out on May 27th for the big race!

Wishing everyone a great spring break!  Enjoy the week.  We will have a busy April coming up once we are back in the swing of things.  Stay tuned for information about Marathon Club, Badminton, Volleyball and many other extracurricular activities offered in the spring.

Last Week In Phys. Ed. (March 4th-8th)

The last two weeks in Phys. Ed. we’ve been focusing on striking and fielding games.  We’ve been test running a project that some of the PE teachers in the division have been working on.  It’s a document that focuses on the “Teaching Games for Understanding” method of teaching.  We have been working through 6 lessons that teach the fundamentals of striking/fielding games (such as baseball, cricket, etc…).  The students really enjoyed all the games and activities.  It was refreshing to see how many new ways the concepts of these games could be taught/learnt.

The PE teachers in the division will be working at finalizing the project in the coming months and then we will have a complete document with lessons in all the game categories.  Next week we are going to start a unit on skipping and speed stacking.  Should be lots of fun!

Last Week In Phys. Ed. (Feb 11-22)

Another two for one special!  The last two weeks in PE we’ve been focusing on net/wall games.  We’ve also had the chance to get outdoors and do some cross-country skiing.  Students in all grade levels spent time working on net/wall skills through games such as table ball, tennis, pickle ball, racquet ball, two square and a variety of other racquet based games.  Students in grade 4 and 5 had a few opportunities to get outdoors and use our freshly groomed ski trails.  We have the cross-country ski equipment from now until the end of ski season, so the hope is to get out there many more times before the snow melts completely.  Our next unit is going to focus on striking/fielding type games.  That should take us a few weeks to wrap up.

Grade 5 basketball season is also finishing up.  The friendship tournament is March 1st.  Both teams will have the opportunity to play one more day, plus a game against the teachers in the last week of school prior to spring break.  Great job by all players involved this season!

Last Week In Phys. Ed. (Feb 4th-8th)

Last week was our first week of two looking at net/wall games.  We have been playing two square, four square, table ball, ping pong and a few other games.  Students have been learning the strategies and concepts of these games.  We have been focusing on positioning on the court, different ways to strike the ball, ball placement as well as playing singles vs doubles.  The students have really enjoyed the change of pace.  Next week we will continue to look at net/wall games before we move onto something new.  We also hope to get outdoors and do some cross-country skiing as long as the weather cooperates and the polar vortex stays away.

Last week our basketball teams both played their first games.  They will play three more games between now and the first week on March.  Best of luck to all players in their remaining games.

Last Week In Phys. Ed. (Jan 28th – Feb 1st)

Just a short post for last week.  More gymnastics for the week.  It was only a four day week so we tried to pack in as much as we could.  Students finished off the week working in self created stations to practice the skills they most wanted to work on. (rolls, walkovers, springs/landings, cartwheels, etc…).  Students did a great job with the gymnastics unit this year and we hope that they will carry their knowledge to future school years, future gymnastics programs as well as transfer their knowledge to our circus PE unit that we run throughout the school year.  Stay warm everyone! Next week the focus shifts to Net/Wall games.

Last Week In Phys. Ed. (Jan 21st-25th)

Last week was all about gymnastics in PE classes.  All grade levels had a chance to work on some gymnastics basics (rolls, supports, jumps, landings) as well as a variety of other activities.

For a few days last week we created “The Eliminator” which was based on the TV show American Gladiators.  Kids raced through the gymnastics-themed course to be the first to ring the bell at the end.  This was definitely a hit with everyone.

We also had another obstacle course we created which wasn’t a race, but rather worked on upper body strength and body control.  Kind of an “American Ninja Warrior” type course.

Lastly we set up a ton of mats, obstacles, etc and played competitive chase tag in the gym.  It’s a 1 vs. 1 tag game in which the tagger has 30 seconds to get the other player.  Students can use the obstacles to their advantage to avoid the tagger for as long as they can.  This was definitely another huge hit and we will definitely play some more next week.

Last Week In Phys. Ed. (Jan. 14th-18th)

Last week was Circus week in PE class.  All students kindergarten to grade 5 had the opportunity to work on some specific circus skills.  We had our aerial silk out, our static trapeze as well as a cart full of all sorts of balance and manipulation equipment.  Students worked on juggling, flower sticks, rola bolas, diabolos, unicycle riding and much more.  Everyone made good progress throughout the week.  It’s our hope that the students will continue to practice their skills throughout the year when we pull out the circus equipment.  Our grade 4s and 5s always have the opportunity to work during circus club, which is held over the lunch hour on day 6.

This coming week we will have the divisional gymnastics equipment.  We will be doing a variety of gymnastics, along with some circus to compliment it.  We will have the gymnastics gear for two weeks.  We will also likely set up “The Eliminator” and have the students do some races through a parkour-style course.  Always a highlight of the week!