April is Wellness Month

April 2nd-April 6th: Hydration Week:

Students are encouraged to bring a water bottle to school for the week.  Our goal is for everyone to drink two bottles of water a day.  Students will be tracking the water they drink daily on their tracking sheet. (Shade in half the bottle after drinking 1 bottle of water).  Any type of bottle is fine, we’d like to encourage everyone to bring reusable bottles if possible.

April 9th-April 13th: Exercise Week:

Students will be participating in an “active start” every day.  We will be walking the hallways of the school for 5-10mins following morning announcements.  Students will be using their tracking sheets to track their physical activity for the week.  Each portion of the pie is 10 minutes of exercise. The goal being 60 minutes of moderate intensity exercise daily.  Exercise at home counts towards our daily goals, so please help/encourage your child to complete their 60 minutes a day.

April 16th-April 20th: Mindfulness Week:

Students will be taking part in a mindfulness lessons for approx. 10 minutes every day.  They will be tracking their mood, focus and energy level before and after mindfulness every day. I’d recommend the Headspace App (Take 10 program).  It’s a free app and the “take 10” program is a free guided mindfulness program.  You do need to create an account with the app.  Students will be participating at school, however, you are welcome to do more at home.  Headspace is a great app and there are many other mindfulness programs, apps, videos available for free online.

April 23rd-April 27th: Sleep Week:

Students will be tracking their sleep pattern for the week.  Marking down what time they go to bed, what time they wake up and how many hours of sleep they get.  We’d also like to encourage our students to limit their screen time prior to sleep, and encourage proper sleep routines.

Here’s our Wellness Month Tracking Sheet:

École Robert Browning Wellness Month


Last Week In Phys. Ed. (March 12th-16th)

Stacking and skipping, that’s what we’ve been up to in PE over the past week.  Students have gone bonkers for speed stacking.  They’ve been frantically working on putting in a good time for both the 3-6-3 and the Cycle Stack in hopes of making the school team, which will be participating in the divisional tournament.  Many students have gone out and purchased their own cups in order to practice at home.  It’s neat to see such drive, commitment and determination to work on such a simple skill.

Skipping has also started to take off.  We’ve been working on both individual skipping and long rope skipping skills.  We’ve definitely seem a vast improvement in skipping skills in just a few short days of practice.  We will continue with skipping and speed stacking as we close out the month and prepare for spring break.

We will be having the annual teachers vs. Grade 5 basketball teams game the last day of school before the break to kick off the holiday.

Don’t forget that April is Wellness Month.  Our first week back after the break is Hydration Week.  Other themes for the following weeks include exercise, mindfulness and sleep.  Have a good week and happy Spring Break!  Catch you in April!

Last Week In Phys. Ed. (Mar. 5th-9th)

Volleyball and Speed Stacking.  That’s been our focus for the last week.  Students have been working on playing Circulation Volleyball (a 4 vs. 4 version of volleyball where players are allowed to catch and self-volley all 3 contacts).  We’ve seen some really great progress in volleyball skills and strategies.  Especially from one group of grade 2s (room 8 & 9). Way to go everyone!  Our grade 5s will have a volleyball club starting up in April.  We will be practicing during lunch hours and will have the opportunity to compete in the divisional volleyball tournament at Westwood Collegiate in early May.

Speed stacking has taken over our gym, hallways, classrooms over the past week.  Students have been working hard to get in a good time on the 3-6-3 Stack and the Cycle Stack.  We have been running time trails during class, recess and lunch hour.  We will be taking the top 6 boys and top 6 girls to the divisional speed stacking tournament held in April.  Right now we’ve got a few times in the 4 second range for the 3-6-3 and a few in the low teens for the cycle stack.  Keep up the good work everyone!  Cannot wait to see how we do at the tournament.

Last Week In Phys. Ed….a two for one special! (Feb. 19th-Mar. 2)

These past two weeks in PE have been steady.  We’ve started working on some volleyball skills, had some circus skills practice time, and pulled out the speed stacks.  We are beginning our prep for the divisional speed stacking tournament, which is held April 18th and 19th, as well as the divisional grade 5 volleyball tournament which is held in May.

For volleyball we’ve been concentrating on getting good service technique down, proper positioning on the court as well as working on the three catches/self-tosses/volleys (to the net, along the net, over the net).  We’ve seen some great skills from all our students in all grade levels.

Our grade 5 basketball teams have both played their final games of the season and will be participating in the friendship basketball tournament tomorrow at Sansome School from (1:10pm-3:30pm).  Best of luck to all of our players!

Last Week In Phys. Ed. (Feb. 12th-16th)

Last week in Phys. Ed. we continued with racquet sports.  We wrapped up this unit by having students create, run and officiate their own net/wall games.  Some students played a game that we had played during the past week, others created their own games.  It was great to see the progress being made by all of our students.  We were starting to see some great rallies and some strategy being put into place.

This week we are working on volleyball, and are hoping that many of the skills/strategies that we worked on will transfer over to a new sport.  Our grade 5s will have a chance to be part of a divisional volleyball tournament later on this year.  There already seems to be lots of interest in the sport!



Last Week In Phys. Ed. (Feb 5th-9th)

More racquet sports this week.  We’ve been working on some of the skills and strategies involved in various net/wall games including, how to strike the ball, where to place the ball, defensive positioning, and general understanding of officiating a game.  Students played racquetball, spikeball, tennis, badminton, 2 square, and a variety of other activities to work on these racquet skills.  We’ve also been taking some breaks here and there to play some olympic-themed activities.

Every morning we’ve also been taking a few minutes after morning announcements and O Canada to take part in an olympic torch relay.  Every day two torch bearers walk the torch around the school in celebration of the 2018 Olympics.  IMG_6169

Last Week In Phys. Ed. (Jan 29th-Feb 2nd)

Only a four day week this past week.  The shortened week gave us a chance to wrap up our gymnastics unit.  To close out the unit we spent some time playing Mission Impossible and we set up “The Eliminator”.

Mission Impossible is a game where students partner up.  One is the agent and one is the double agent.  The agent must make their way through the obstacle course without setting off alarms (making a mistake).  If they do the double agent will call them on it and the two players switch jobs.

The Eliminator was a throwback to American Gladiators.  It’s the final contest in the game show and pits one player against the other in a race through an obstacle course that relies heavily on upper body strength.  The students had a blast racing each other, as well as their teachers.

This week we are back to working on striking and racquet sports. This is also the first week in which our grade 5 basketball teams play a game.  Best of luck to both teams!

Last Week In Phys. Ed. (Jan. 15th-26th)

It’s two for one this week!  Our last two weeks in Phys. Ed. were quite different from each other.  We had one week of racquet sports and one week of gymnastics.

For our racquet sports week we concentrated on working with racquets and balls, not with nets.  Students had a chance to play various games using racquets and concentrated on making good contact with the ball. We played spike ball, wall ball, table ball, two square and gaga ball.  We also had a few classes where we played Omnikin tennis.  Students needed to use their hand as a racquet and working and rallying with a partner using the omnikin six ball.

For our gymnastics week we set up the divisional gymnastics kit, along with all of our gymnastics/circus equipment.  Students spent classes working their way through the obstacle course.  Each obstacle on the course forced them to work on a specific skill or ability such as cartwheels, forward rolls, chin ups, balance, springs, landings, etc… This coming week we will continue on with gymnastics, however, we will spend more time concentrating on specific skills.  We will also be adding in some more circus elements to our classes. At the end of the week the gymnastics set needs to be returned to the division office.

We’ve also had the cross-country skis for the past month.  All students in grades 3-5 have had at least one opportunity to get out on the skis.  The weather hasn’t been amazing, nor have we had very much snow, but at least everyone has had a chance to experience some skiing.  We will be shipping off the skis at the end of January to the next school, so we’ve got two more days to enjoy them.  Maybe mother nature will give us a ton of snow and some super warm temps to finish off the month!

Last Week In Phys. Ed. (Jan 8th-12th)

Welcome back and Happy 2018!  A bitterly cold start to 2018!  Thankfully things will be heating up in the gym this January.  Our first week back we had “fitness week”.  Students took part in fitness activities including: pacer test, timed run, upper body/lower body strength stations, circus stations, and also got a chance to try out our new rock climbing wall.

We are so happy to have our finished traverse rock wall in the gym!  It’s going to be a great feature to have throughout the year to challenge our students’ strength and problem solving skills.  Looking froward to all the activities we can try with it!

We also have our divisional cross country skis for the month of January.  Hopefully things can warm up a bit and we will have the chance to be outdoors with them over the course of the month.

Interscholastic basketball is also starting up in January.  Teams are open to all grade 5 students regardless of prior basketball knowledge.  Please check out our Teams & Clubs page for more info.

Last Week In Phys. Ed. and This Week In Phys. Ed.

One last blog post before the holiday break.  It’s been a fun-filled couple of weeks here.  We’ve been working on throwing, catching, dribbling, and a bit of basketball-related skill development throughout the weeks.  We’ve also had a sprinkling of holiday themed games added to our PE classes in the past few weeks.  Some of the games we’ve been playing include: Sled Races, Tree Decorating, Football Route Running, Angry Birds as well as many others.  We will continue with this plan for the next few days.  To cap off this month of school we will be playing a teachers vs students handball game on the last day (Dec. 22nd) during periods 7 & 8.

Next month we will have lots of fun things in the works.  Cross Country Skiing, Racquet Sports and Gymnastics.  We will also be starting our next intramural activity (Gaga Ball).  Hope that everyone has a safe and healthy holiday season.  See you all in 2018!