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Maisons At École Robert Browning

Today the students took part in their first ever maisons meeting.  Our house system gives the students a chance to be part of a cross grade group with students from across all the grade levels (1-5).

Each house took a few minutes to come up with a house name, cheer and house colour.  We met up in the gym to introduce all the groups.  Seems like it’s going to be a real hit!  Here’s a list of our maisons for the 2013-14 school year.

2013-2014 Maisons

Room 5 – Maison Platypus

Room 7 – Maison Loups

Room 9 – Maison Tigres

Room 10 – Maison Chiens

Room 11 – Maison Cobayes

Room 12 – Maison Chauve-Souris

Room 15 – Maison Pandas

Room 16 – Maison Roche

Room 18 – Maison Manchots Bleus

Room 21 – Maison Aigles

Room 23 – Maison Hiboux

Room 24 – Maison Pengouins

Fields 2013 – So Many Connections Made

You might have been wondering what I was up to last Friday (and Saturday) while your children were home from school.  I had the privilege of attending the PHE Canada National Physical Education Conference – Fields 2013.

I cannot even express how amazing this experience was for me as a physical educator.  The presenters that I was able to see are champions in the Physical Education world and I feel honoured to have had the opportunity to see them.  I was able to take home some great ideas regarding apps for physical education. I learned the basics of a really cool sport called Hantis and got a chance to ‘bust a move’ with Joey Feith the founder of during his ipad driven So You Think You Can Dance Unit presentation.  I even had a Google Hangout with a physical education teacher from Oregon!


Not only did Fields 2013 provide me with the opportunity to see all these great presentations, it also provided me with the chance to make an endless amount of connections with other Physical Education teachers from across the continent.  I was able to connect face to face with many other #pegeeks that I have met only through twitter and other social media.  Being able to connect in person, and bounce ideas off each other was truly a great experience.  I cannot wait for my next opportunity to experience professional development at this level!

The #pegeeks I've met through Twitter.  Physical Educators from MB, SK, AB, QC and the USA.
The #pegeeks I’ve met through Twitter. Physical Educators from MB, SK, AB, QC and the USA.

Grade 1 & 2 Intramurals Are Going Strong

After a few weeks to iron out the kinks in the system we seem to have things rolling along.  Grade 1 & 2 students have been coming down to the gym during morning and afternoon recesses on Mondays to take part in intramurals.


Students have the choice to either run laps of the gym or dance to the music, with the goal of staying moving for the entire fifteen minutes.

It’s Getting Spooky In Here!

With only nine days left until Halloween we’ve taken the opportunity to make Phys. Ed. a little spookier with some Halloween themed games.  Leading right up until Halloween students in all grades will have the opportunity to play a variety of games including: Zombie tag, Pumpkins on the Fence, Zombies!, Little Ghosts, Pumpkin Patch, Ghostbusters and many more!

The week of Halloween I’ll be creating my ‘world famous’ haunted house. The haunted house will be making the move upstairs this year, due to construction in the basement.  Stay tuned for more spooky pictures from the upcoming weeks!

Getting Fit With Inukshuks

Students worked collaboratively to build Fit Body Inukshuks during class today.  Teams needed to complete laps of the gym in order to reveal a piece, and then had to decide which inukshuk to place it on.  Students practiced a variety of the basic movement skills including running, skipping and galloping during the activity.  photo 3

At the end of class the idea that hit home with regards to having a “fit body” was balance. Kind of fitting when your trying to build an inukshuk!

Toonies For Terry

Congratulations to all the students at ÉRB!  With your help, and your toonies, we raised $447.68 for the Terry Fox Foundation.  Thanks to all our families for their generous contributions.  Go Browning!

International Walk To School Day

Today the students and staff of École Robert Browning went for a school walk to celebrate International Walk to School Day.  It gave the students, who mostly ride the bus to school, the opportunity to walk with their teachers and their peers and take part in a discussion of why it’s important to use active transportation.  It’s amazing how a fifteen minute walk and a chat with a friend can really brighten up your day!