Fields 2013 – So Many Connections Made

You might have been wondering what I was up to last Friday (and Saturday) while your children were home from school.  I had the privilege of attending the PHE Canada National Physical Education Conference – Fields 2013.

I cannot even express how amazing this experience was for me as a physical educator.  The presenters that I was able to see are champions in the Physical Education world and I feel honoured to have had the opportunity to see them.  I was able to take home some great ideas regarding apps for physical education. I learned the basics of a really cool sport called Hantis and got a chance to ‘bust a move’ with Joey Feith the founder of during his ipad driven So You Think You Can Dance Unit presentation.  I even had a Google Hangout with a physical education teacher from Oregon!


Not only did Fields 2013 provide me with the opportunity to see all these great presentations, it also provided me with the chance to make an endless amount of connections with other Physical Education teachers from across the continent.  I was able to connect face to face with many other #pegeeks that I have met only through twitter and other social media.  Being able to connect in person, and bounce ideas off each other was truly a great experience.  I cannot wait for my next opportunity to experience professional development at this level!

The #pegeeks I've met through Twitter.  Physical Educators from MB, SK, AB, QC and the USA.
The #pegeeks I’ve met through Twitter. Physical Educators from MB, SK, AB, QC and the USA.

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