Monthly Archives: March 2014

Spring Extra Curricular Activities Coming Soon

Believe it or not spring is here!  That means the start of our spring season of extra curricular activities.  Students/Parents that are interested in any of the activities should stay tuned for more information following our Spring Break.

Starting up as soon as we get back from the break will be Speed Stacking Time Trials.  All students at École Robert Browning will have the opportunity to be timed in the 3-6-3 as well as The Cycle stack.  Those students with the fastest times in the school will have the opportunity to represent us at the annual SJAEYAA Speed Stacking Tournament held on April 23rd.

Also starting in April will be our Grade 5 Badminton Club.  Badminton club will run twice a week, and will provide the students with a deeper understanding of the skills, strategies and techniques that make up the game of badminton.  All students in grade 5 are welcome to come out and participate, regardless of skill level.  Practices will be held on Wednesday mornings starting at 8:15am.  More info will follow soon.

Finally, our very popular Marathon Club will also be starting up in April.  Students will be running twice a week (Tuesdays/Thursdays) in the morning.  The goal of our club is to participate in the Great West Life 2.6 Mile Super Run as part of the Manitoba Marathon on June 15th.  More info coming soon!


Basketball Season Wrap Up

As basketball season comes to a close I would like to thank all the players for their great efforts this season.  You’ve all done a fantastic job, and you’ve shown great improvement throughout the season!  A special ‘thank you’ goes out to Mme Gaunce and Mme Lines for their help with coaching the girls.

Fans will have one last chance to see our RB basketball players in action at the friendship tournament.  The tournament will be held on March 7th from 1:10-3:30pm at Sansome School.  Hope to see you out!  Image