Monthly Archives: April 2014


A big congratulations goes out to all the members of our divisional speed stacking team!  You were all great ambassadors for our school and put in a great effort at the tournament.  Well done!

An additional congratulations to the following members that earned awards at last night’s tournament.

Carson K. – 1st Place Boys Cycle Stack

Alex R. – 4th Place Boys Cycle Stack

Callan G. – 4th Place Boys 3-6-3

Brendan P. – 3rd Place Boys 3-6-3

Sheldon S. – 2nd Place Boys 3-6-3


Marathon Sign Up and Sport Stacking Reps

Sign up for the Marathon Club is now open.  Students were given permission forms and information packages this week.  Our first practice will be held on April 22nd @ 8:15am.  Participation in the Super Run is not a requirement, but is what our end goal of our training is.

Today our divisional sport stackers were selected.  Check out our Sport Stacking page to see who will be representing our school at the divisional tournament.  Best of luck to all the participants.  The tournament will be held on April 23rd @ 7:00pm.