Champions In Training Ready For Their Race

Tomorrow morning we will be holding our last Marathon Club practice.  Students, staff and parents have been busy training since late April with the intentions of running in the Great West Life Super Run this weekend (June 15th).

I wanted to wish all 45+ students and parents running this weekend the best of luck in their races!  It truly is a huge accomplishment for you all to go out and run this coming weekend.  I also wanted to thank the Manitoba Marathon School Programs group for helping to make this event and the training leading up to it run so smoothly.

Here’s a little video to get you pumped up for the race this weekend.

Video credit to Manitoba Marathon.

Didn’t participate this year?  There’s still a great opportunity to be part of the festivities this Sunday.  Why not come out and cheer on the racers?  A detailed map of the marathon route is available at

I also wanted to take this chance to stay thanks to M. Phillippe Chabot and M. Colin Steele, two teachers that motivated me to by the runner that I am today!  I’ll be participating in my first (and probably last!) full marathon this weekend.


One thought on “Champions In Training Ready For Their Race

  1. Hey! I wondered why I was getting a mention on the ERB site. I’m a heck of a lot slower than I used to be. Remember to offer popsicles to marathon runners!

    Colin Steele

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