Last Week In Phys. Ed. (Sept 22nd-26th)

Another busy week in Phys. Ed. at ÉRB.  On Wednesday we celebrated Terry Fox National School Run Day.  All students and staff spent the last half an hour of the day walking around the school grounds to show their support for Terry Fox and his Marathon of Hope.  Students also brought in “Toonies for Terry”.  We will have a total for our funds raised sometime later in the week.

Our Cross Country team had their first race on Thursday.  Students ran a 800m loop around the Sansome and Westwood and KW yards.  Participating schools included Phoenix School, Sansome School as well as us.  All runners had a great first outing!  Our next Cross Country race is at ÉRB on Tuesday, Sept. 30th.  Hope to see you out cheering on our participants!

During Phys. Ed. classes, students of all grade levels continue to work on teamwork by playing a variety of cooperative games and activities.  In the coming weeks we will continue more of the same but will also be working on some evaluation of the basic transport skills (running, hopping, skipping, galloping).

This coming week also marks the start of our online video school announcements. Les Infos RB.  Check out our blog to view videos for the current week.


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