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Last Week In Phys. Ed. (Oct. 20-Oct. 24)

Another short week this week.  Students in all grade levels started playing a variety of Halloween-themed games.  Some of the more popular ones were: Zombie Tag, Pumpkin Patch, Pumpkins On The Fence and Graveyard.  In the week ahead we will continue with Halloween games as well as Haunted House tours.

Team Handball teams have continued with practices and will have their first games in only a few more weeks.  Don’t forget that practices run on Tuesdays (Boys) and Thursdays (Girls) from 8:15am to 9:00am.


Haunted House Walkthrough

Here’s a video walkthrough of the haunted house.  All students will have the opportunity to go through the haunted house on two occasions before Halloween. Enjoy!

Last Week In Phys. Ed. (Oct 14th-Oct 17th)

A short recap for a short week!  Students were busy burning off all that turkey playing a variety of games last week.  Most students were working on transportation skills, while others were work on finalizing their fitness reports.  Speaking of fitness reports, they went home last week.  If your child is in grade 3-5 they should have one to discuss with you.  If you need more guidance on what to discuss you can find that in my previous blog post.

Soccer intramurals are still going strong.  The winning team from each grade level is going to have a chance to play soccer against the teachers in mid November.

This coming week kicks off our Halloween games unit.  Students will be participating in a variety of Halloween-themed games and will get to tour the Maison Hauntée.  

Understanding Fall Fitness Reports

This week grade 3-5 students will be coming home with a Fall FItness Report.  You might be wondering, “What do I do with this?”  During the past few weeks we have done a number of tests during Phys. Ed. classes.  I’ve taken the results of those tests and created an individualized report for each student.

Students are encouraged to discuss their reports with you.  Ask them questions about their results.

  • What was involved in this test?
  • Are you happy with the result?
  • How honest were you when recording your results?
  • What are your goals for future tests?

There is also a section that is open for student reflection.  In this section students are supposed to look back at their results and reflect on how they feel.  Make a goal(s) for the next set of tests that will take place in the winter.  There is also a spot for ‘parent signature’.  Please sign your child’s report and send it back to M. Vermeylen when completed.

An additional note:  Please under no circumstances compare these results to any age, gender, or group norms/averages.  These tests were strictly for self reflection and to open up communication about what’s happening in Phys. Ed. classes.  If you have any additional comments please let me know.

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 8.51.10 AM

Last Week In Phys. Ed. (Oct. 6th-10th)

Last week grade 3-5 students kicked off their fitness reports portion of Phys. Ed.  Students participated in four different fitness tests and recorded their results.  The tests were a maximum push-ups test, maximum sit-ups test, a sit and reach flexibility test and the pacer test, also known as the beep test.

The students’ results will be compiled by M. Vermeylen and sent home this week.  Students are to share and discuss their results with their parents/guardians.  The goal for these seasonal fitness reports is to create conversation regarding Phys. Ed. at home.  Students are required to reflect on their results and work at setting attainable goals for the next set of fitness testing that will be done in the new year.  In no way should these results be interpreted against norms/averages for a specific age group or gender.  Results are used solely for goal setting and reflection and will not be included on the report cards.

Students in K-2 have continued to work on their transportation movement skills through a variety of games and activities.  Some of the more popular ones were: Indiana Jones, Batman & Robin, Mario Brothers and Sharks & Pirates.  This group will continue to work on the transportation skills in the coming week, but will focus more on skipping and hopping.

This week also marks the start of Team Handball.  Boys practice on Tuesdays and Girls practice on Thursdays.  All practices are at 8:15am  Hope to see you out!

Last Week In Phys. Ed. (Sept 29th-Oct. 3rd)

Another full week in Phys. Ed. last week.  Cross-Country season wrapped up with the divisional race at Assiniboine Park.  All runners did a fantastic job!

The École Robert Browning Premier League intramural soccer season started up.  Some teams had their first games of the season.  Others will have their first this coming week.  All games run from 12:20-1:00.  Games will run until the end of the month.

Grade 1 & 2 intramurals also started up.  Students will have the opportunity to come down to the gym at recess for a “dance party”.  Students are able to run/walk laps of the gym, or dance along with the music.  This provides a great chance to escape the cooler temperatures, while still being active!

During Phys. Ed. classes students have started transitioning from Team Building and Cooperative Games to games/activities that work on the various transport skills.  Students will be evaluated on a variety of transport skills including running, galloping, skipping, and hopping.

Team Handball Info Heading Home

On Monday I’ll be sending home information for the upcoming Team Handball season.  If you would like to get a head start on the sign up process you can check out our ‘Teams & Clubs’ page to download the information and a permission form.  Team Handball is open to all grade five students.

Cross-Country Season Wraps Up

Congratulations runners!  What a fantastic cross-country season!  We might have only had a small group this year, but they were certainly a dedicated group.  Today marks the end of our cross-country season and the runners from ÉRB went out with a bang!  Runners had the opportunity to participate in two district level races, and participated in our divisional race this afternoon at Assiniboine Park.  Everyone showed great improvement in their running and was truly dedicated to having a personal best run at the end of the season.  Way to go!  A special thank you to Mme Flynn for her help with coaching this year.  We all know those early mornings aren’t easy, and we great appreciate it. Next up in terms of interscholastic sports is Team Handball for grade fives.