Last Week In Phys. Ed. (Oct. 6th-10th)

Last week grade 3-5 students kicked off their fitness reports portion of Phys. Ed.  Students participated in four different fitness tests and recorded their results.  The tests were a maximum push-ups test, maximum sit-ups test, a sit and reach flexibility test and the pacer test, also known as the beep test.

The students’ results will be compiled by M. Vermeylen and sent home this week.  Students are to share and discuss their results with their parents/guardians.  The goal for these seasonal fitness reports is to create conversation regarding Phys. Ed. at home.  Students are required to reflect on their results and work at setting attainable goals for the next set of fitness testing that will be done in the new year.  In no way should these results be interpreted against norms/averages for a specific age group or gender.  Results are used solely for goal setting and reflection and will not be included on the report cards.

Students in K-2 have continued to work on their transportation movement skills through a variety of games and activities.  Some of the more popular ones were: Indiana Jones, Batman & Robin, Mario Brothers and Sharks & Pirates.  This group will continue to work on the transportation skills in the coming week, but will focus more on skipping and hopping.

This week also marks the start of Team Handball.  Boys practice on Tuesdays and Girls practice on Thursdays.  All practices are at 8:15am  Hope to see you out!


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