Understanding Fall Fitness Reports

This week grade 3-5 students will be coming home with a Fall FItness Report.  You might be wondering, “What do I do with this?”  During the past few weeks we have done a number of tests during Phys. Ed. classes.  I’ve taken the results of those tests and created an individualized report for each student.

Students are encouraged to discuss their reports with you.  Ask them questions about their results.

  • What was involved in this test?
  • Are you happy with the result?
  • How honest were you when recording your results?
  • What are your goals for future tests?

There is also a section that is open for student reflection.  In this section students are supposed to look back at their results and reflect on how they feel.  Make a goal(s) for the next set of tests that will take place in the winter.  There is also a spot for ‘parent signature’.  Please sign your child’s report and send it back to M. Vermeylen when completed.

An additional note:  Please under no circumstances compare these results to any age, gender, or group norms/averages.  These tests were strictly for self reflection and to open up communication about what’s happening in Phys. Ed. classes.  If you have any additional comments please let me know.

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 8.51.10 AM


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