Last Week In Phys. Ed. (Mar. 9th – Mar. 12th)

Last week in Phys. Ed. we continued on with striking, but striking in a different way.  We wrapped up out golfing portion of our striking unit, and students in grade 3-5 started playing volleyball.  We looked at how the volleyball skills are striking with our arms, rather than with an implement.  We will continue to work on some volleyball skills in the coming week, with a brief break during the science fair.  The Kindergarten – grade 2 students also looked more at striking with body parts, but in more of a game setting.  We played Human Pinball and a few other games to work on our skills.

This past week our Yoshi intramurals came to a close.  Congratulations to Team Bowser for winning the overall tournament!  Thanks to everyone that came out to play.  It’s clear that Yoshi is the most popular game at ÉRB this year!

Just a quick “heads up” that information regarding Marathon Club will be going home this week.  If your child is in grade 3-5 and is interested in participating they should be bringing permission forms, etc… home to you.


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