Last Week In Phys. Ed. (June 15th – June 19th)

This past week in Phys. Ed. we have been playing some of our favourite games during PE class.  We’ve played Dr. Dodgeball, Mission Impossible, Scooter Races, and many others.  The grade 3-5 students have also had the chance to get outdoors and try out geocaching.  On Friday all students had the opportunity to participate in our Tabloid Day.

For our geocaching groups students got into small groups and were given a GPS, an iPad and a scoresheet.  These groups navigated themselves to 8 different geocaches hidden around our school.  When groups found a geocache they placed a sticker on their scoresheet and then used a QR code reader on their iPad to scan a QR code on the geocache container.  The QR codes were linked to text files that told the group a certain exercise they needed to perform.  Most groups had success finding the geocaches, however, some groups will get an additional opportunity next week to find the remaining ones they didn’t find this week.

For our Tabloid Day students in grade 5 run sports related stations for the students in K-4.  At each station the students have to perform a specific movement skill or sport-related skill in order to have success at the station.  If students are successful at their station they are given a check mark on their sheet.  For every two check marks a student earns they can get one candy from the candy “bank”.  This is always a huge event at ERB.  Thanks to everyone for their help!


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