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Last Week In Phys. Ed. (Sept 21st – Sept 25th)

Things are now really starting to roll along in Phys. Ed.  Students have a good grasp of our routines for Phys. Ed. (Change Rooms, Warm-Up, Squads) so we are now able to maximize our active minutes in each class.  Classes have had the opportunity to play a wide variety of games including some tag games, dodgeball games, cooperative games as well as some class favourites.  In the coming weeks we will continue to keep the students active as much as possible.

Intramurals are now starting up.  Students in grades 3-5 have been placed on soccer teams and will be participating in the ERBPL (École Robert Browning Premier League) from now until winter break.  Scores will be kept, and the winning team in each grade level will have the opportunity to face off against the teachers towards the middle of December.  Best of luck to all teams!  Schedules are posted outside the gym on the bulletin board.

Our Cross Country runners had their first race of the season on Thursday at Sansome School.  All participants did a fantastic job!  The first race was 800m.  This week on Tuesday (Sept 29th) students will race again.  This time it’s at ÉRB and the race distance is 1000m.  Best of luck runners!

Last Week In Phys. Ed. (Sept 14th – Sept 18th)

Our first full week back at school was a busy one.  All classes have had at least one period of Physical Education.  Students had the opportunity to get moving and play a few low organized games this week.  We also took some time to go through a class orientation.  A few of the upper elementary classes had the chance to work on some team building exercises including: silent sorting, Rube Goldberg machines, and river crossing. Everyone seemed very keen to get started, it’s shaping up to be an awesome year ahead!

Our Cross Country team has now had two practices.  We spent some time discussing pacing and distance during our first meeting, and also got the chance to run on our newly paved “track” (aka the parking lot loop).  We will have one more practice next week on Wednesday followed by our first of two district races on Thursday @ Sansome School.  Hope to see you there!

Just a friendly reminder for all our students/parents.  Students need a proper pair of athletic shoes for Phys. Ed. classes.  Students in grade 3-5 also require a change of clothes for class.  A T-shirt and shorts is usually the best bet, but other comfortable clothes would work as well.

Welcome Back!

As we finish up our first “week” of school I thought I would take a minute to say, “Welcome Back!”.  Looking forward to all the fun and exciting times ahead in 2015-16!  A few quick things for those that are interested:

  1. Cross Country Running Club will be starting up next week.  Permission forms and information are heading home today.  If your child is in grade 4 or 5 and didn’t get information please send them to see me in the gym.  You can also visit the Cross-Country tab on our blog.
  2. Intramurals will be starting up at the end of the month (September 28th).  Students in grades 3-5 will have the opportunity to come down to the gym at lunch to play a variety of games/sports.
  3. Our Terry Fox run will take place on Wednesday, Sept. 30th at 3:00pm.  Hope to see you out!