Monthly Archives: December 2015

Last Week In Phys. Ed. (Dec. 7th – Dec. 11th)

This week the focus of our Phys. Ed. classes was rolling.  Students played Pin Guard, Super Bowling and a few other rolling-type games.  We had to say “good-bye” to the curling equipment this week.  Hopefully everyone had the opportunity to try it out.  Next week we will be shifting our focus to winter/holiday games.  We will also be having our Teachers vs. Students Team Handball game on Friday, December 18th during periods 5 & 6.  Students from the grade five teams will be squaring off against the staff of ÉRB.

Last Week In Phys. Ed. (Nov. 30th – Dec. 4th)

Last week in Phys. Ed. we pulled out the curling equipment.  Students had the opportunity to work on their curling skills and also played a few other rolling games.  Some classes played Monster Ball and others had the chance to play Knockout Ball.  We will have the curling equipment for another week, so most classes will have a few more chances to toss a few rocks.

Last week also marked the end of our Team Handball season.  Thanks to all the grade 5 students that came out to participate.  It was a short season but you all showed tremendous growth in your handball skills and knowledge.  Thanks to M. Koester for taking care of coaching the Girls’ team.  After the winter break our next interscholastic sport will be basketball.  Grade 5 students that are interested show keep their eyes and ears open in early January for more information.