Last Week In Phys. Ed. (Jan. 18th – Jan. 22nd)

A busy past two weeks in Phys. Ed. (hence the lack of post last week).  We were able to enjoy two weeks of gymnastics fun at ÉRB.  We had the divisional gymnastics equipment borrowed to supplement our own equipment and made quite the extravagant obstacle course in the gym.

Students had the opportunity to play Mission Impossible during their PE classes.  In Mission Impossible students must make their way through the obstacle course (using a variety of gymnastics movements) without setting off any “alarms”.  Students worked in partners, one person being the secret agent and the other being the judge.  If a judge noticed that their partner tripped an alarm they would switch roles and continue through the course.

The skills that we worked on were: climbing, crawling, balancing, springs, landings, swinging, rolls and cartwheels.  Everyone had a great time.  Students are already asking when the equipment will be back next.

Basketball practices have also started this week.  Students should be attending all practices (if possible) as there are a limited number of practices before our first game.  Please refer to the bulletin board across from the gym for information about practices and games.  You can also subscribe to our Remind text messaging service.

Next week all students will be working through their second week of fitness related activities.  We will be comparing data and seeing how we have improved since the last time we did the activities.

Lastly, Registration for our 2nd annual High 5 Community 5km Run is now open!  For all the details you can visit our race website at  Race date is May 25th, 2016!



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