Last Week In Phys. Ed. (Feb. 8th – Feb. 12th)

Last week in PE class we didn’t have a chance to get back out on the skis.  It was a pretty brisk week.  Hopefully the weather will cooperate over the next few weeks and we will get a chance to get back outdoors.  We have the skis until the end of February so there’s still plenty of time.

Since we had classes indoors we spent the majority of our time working on our bouncing, dribbling and basketball-related skills.  Students had the opportunity to play a variety of games that got them dribbling while doing other activities, such as playing tag, building hula huts and filling in connect 4 score cards.  Next week we will be continuing with basketball-related skill development.


Next week I will be running away to the circus!….well not quite.  I will be away at École Nationale De Cirque in Montreal next week.  I will be part of a group that is taking the circus instructors course they offer.  I hope to come back with a wide variety of new circus-based activities that we can incorporate into our PE program here at ÉRB.  In fact, next year the students at ÉRB will be taking part in a study that will evaluate the benefits of “Circus Infused Physical Education”  Cannot wait to share all the things I learn.

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