Last Week In Phys. Ed. (Feb. 22nd – Feb. 26th)

A little bit of hockey, a little bit of circus and a whole bunch of fun!  This past week I shared some of the basic things I learned while away a circus school with the grade 3-5 students.  By the end of a few classes students were making pyramids and were able to do a few hand-to-hand positions.  I’m really looking forward to see where this journey into Circus Phys. Ed. takes us.

We also had the opportunity to work on some hockey skills this week.  Students started working on their stick handling skills as well as some shooting.  We will continue to work on our hockey skills through various games and activities in the coming weeks.

This week also marks the end of the basketball season.  Congratulations to both teams, you did a fantastic job!  Next Friday (March 4th) will be the District #3 Friendship Basketball Tournament.  Best of luck to all our participants.  Students should stay tuned for more information on upcoming teams following spring break.


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