Last Week In Phys. Ed. (Mar.7th – Mar. 11th)

Lots of striking here at ÉRB.  This past week we started transitioning from striking below the waist to striking above the waist.  Students starting exploring a bit with badminton and tennis and wrapped up their time with hockey and ringette. We will continue to work on striking in the coming weeks prior to our spring break.

We also lost some gym space during our project fair this past week, so we needed to be creative.  Some classes had the chance to work on their juggling and speed stacking, while others worked a bit on pyramid building.  The students were very accommodating and seemed to really enjoy the change of pace from the everyday activities that we were doing.

Students have already been asking, so to keep everyone in the loop, Volleyball will be starting up after spring break for the grade 5 students.  We will be participating in a friendship tournament in early May.  Speed stacking time trials will also be starting up.  Our top 12 stackers in the school will have a chance to represent us at the divisional tournament on April 21st.  Stay tuned!


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