Last Week In Phys. Ed. (Mar 14th – Mar 18th)

This past week in Phys. Ed. we continued to work on our racquet sports.  Students spent some time working with badminton and tennis equipment in a variety of situations.  All classes from Kindergarten right up to grade 5 had the chance to experiment with racquet sports.

Students will wrap up their striking next week prior to spring break.  Following our break we will be starting up volleyball and speed stacking.  On Thursday next week we will be having our annual Teachers vs Students basketball game.  Students that participated in grade 5 basketball will be playing again the teachers team during periods 7 & 8.  Best of luck to all players.

One last plug, reminder, update…registration for the 2nd annual High 5 Community 5km Run is now open! Visit:  for more info.  Hope to have a bigger and better race this year!  Can’t wait till May 25th.

Better late than never!  Congrats to all our basketball participants that took part in the district #3 friendship tournament on March 4th!


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