Last Week In Phys. Ed. (Apr.25th – Apr. 29th)

Lots of fitness testing this week in PE class.  Students took part in their final week of fitness tests this year.  We tested ourselves 3 times this year with the hopes of improving our scores each time.  The students all did a fantastic job, and were really motivated, even on a Friday.  Great work everyone!  The tests that we did this year were: the 15m pacer test (beep test), a timed run (various times depending on grade level) and the 100 second challenge (how many exercises can you do in 100 secs).

As the weather starts to improve we will start to move some of our classes outdoors.  We will be continuing a bit more with golfing and will also be adding in some soccer skills, games and activities.  M. Koester and I hope to maybe even make our own golf course in the school yard at some point.

As an added bonus this week we had the divisional juggling kit at our school.  Students spent a few minutes each class working on plate spinning, diabolos and juggling balls, rings and clubs.  Next year we will have our own juggling equipment as part of our Circus Infused PE program.  Can’t wait!

Don’t forget, the High 5 Run is not that far away.  Registration for the race closes May 15th!  Visit for more info.



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