Last Week In Phys. Ed. (May 9th – May 13th)

Another great week in Physical Education at ÉRB.  This week we played some miniature golf, four corner soccer, super soccer and did a little bit of dodgeball as well.  This week wraps up our dodgeball intramural season.  The grade 3 and grade 4 winners took on the teachers team during Thursday and Friday lunch hour.  The grade 5 winners will play Monday.  Dodgeball is the last intramural activity this year.

Students that are interested in playing badminton can stay tuned for more information.  Badminton club will be starting up over the lunch hours in the coming weeks.  Students will have the chance to improve their skills and learn more about the game of badminton.  A select group of participants will also have a chance to participate in our badminton tournament held in early June.

On Thursday our grade 5 volleyball club participated in one of the four SJAEYAA divisional volleyball tournaments.  We spent the morning at College Sturgeon Heights Collegiate with students from Bannatyne, Athlone and Heritage schools.  All participants had a great time and are already looking forward to continuing their volleyball journey in grade 6.  Thanks to the staff and students of CSHC for hosting!

This weekend marks the registration deadline for the High 5 Community 5km run.  If you are still interested in participating we’d love to have you out.  The run is May 25th at 4:30pm.  For more information and to register to race or volunteer please visit


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