One last post!

Last week of the school year, and boy it’s been a great one!  We had a very successful year in all aspects of physical education this year.  Our intramural program was bigger and better than ever.  We had a huge number of students out to play our intramural sports, but unfortunately, try as they might the students were never able to overthrow the teachers in the finals.  Next year we will be introducing La Coupe Browning to our program.  Stay tuned for more info.

Our extra curricular teams had a great year too.  We had a new team this year.  Grade 5 volleyball.  As per usual we also had our cross country team, team handball team, basketball team, speed stacking team, badminton team and marathon team.  Thanks to everyone that participated this year, you all represented our school well.

This year we held the 2nd annual High 5 Community 5km Run.  It was a huge success.  We have upwards of 140 runners out running in the rain.  I hope that next year will be even bigger and even better!

Class times were great too!  All of our classes shared some very fun times in the gym.  I hope that all the students enjoyed themselves as much as I did.  Looking forward to 2016-17 already.  I hope that everyone has a safe, fun and active summer!  See you in September.

M. Vermeylen


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