Monthly Archives: October 2016

Last Week In Phys. Ed. (Oct. 24th-28th)

A Halloween-themed week last week in Phys. Ed. Students had the chance to walk through the haunted house (haunted basement).  We also played a few different Halloween games.  Pumpkin Patch tag, Ghostbusters, Graveyard just to name a few.  Students will be wrapping up these activities on Monday and then will be starting some curling/bowling in the coming days.

Team Handball is going strong at ÉRB.  The boys’ and girls’ teams have a record number of participants this year.  Practices have been going well.  Both teams play their first games of the season this week.  Boys play on Wednesday and the girls play on Thursday.  Best of luck to both groups!


Last Week In Phys. Ed. (Oct.17th-20th)

A few days late, but here’s what we’ve been up to last week in Phys. Ed.  Students continued to work on throwing/catching.  Our older students worked a bit on Team Handball and some lead up activities that resemble the game itself.  Our younger students continued to work more on the fundamentals of throwing and catching.  During circus time we worked on some Hand-to-Hand techniques and spent more time on some juggling and manipulation skills as part of our circus checklist.

It was a short week since Friday was MTS PD Day for all teachers in the province.  M. Koester and I checked out some interesting sessions and got some new ideas of games/activities that we can bring back to our PE program.  We also heard a great keynote speaker, Matt Bellace, who spoke about all the positive feelings, emotions we get from physical activity.  It was definitely a worthwhile day.

This week we shift our focus to Halloween activities and our Haunted House.  Cannot wait to see all the costumes next Monday!

Last Week In Phys. Ed. (Oct.11th-14th)

A shorter week last week, but we still managed to pack a lot into it.  Students started working on throwing and catching.  Grade 4/5 students started working on lead up activities to Team Handball.  We will continue to work on throwing and catching in the next couple of weeks and then we will break for Halloween-themed games.

Some of the games we played this past week were Angry Birds, Pin guard, Bench Ball as well as some other skill development activities.

Our Circus PE students are continuing to work their way through their circus skills checklist.  We will be having 3 assessor visits this week followed by a few more next week.  We also are working on having one of the coaches from École Nationale de Cirque come to ÉRB in late October or early November!  As a bonus last week we had Robin Chestnut (a professional juggler) come and do a performance for us Tuesday morning.  He hung around after his performance to help teach some of the students the basics of juggling.  It was definitely a hit!


Team Handball Info Going Home

Please check in with your grade 5 son/daughter.  Team Handball information will be going home tomorrow.  The team is open to students in grade 5, regardless of skill level.  Practices will be starting next week.  Please refer to our Teams & Clubs page for more information.

Last Week In Phys. Ed. (Oct. 3rd-7th)

Another busy week in Phys. Ed. We wrapped up our cross-country running season on Thursday with our divisional race.  All our participants had a fantastic season.  Congrats to Carter G. and Carlin Z. for their 1st place finishes at the divisional race!

We also wrapped up our fitness week and are moving on to throwing/team handball.  The grade 5 team handball teams will be starting up soon. Stay tuned for more information soon.

This coming week also marks the start of our circus student assessments.  Assessors from the U of M will be in throughout the coming weeks to assess our grade 5 and grade 4/5 classes.  This will create a benchmark for their study.


Last Week In Phys. Ed. (Sept. 26th-30th)

Last week in Phys. Ed. we celebrated Terry Fox Day by hosting a walk/run on Thursday afternoon.  Students, staff and parents all walked/ran a 1km loop around our school yard.  Students were encouraged to bring a Toonie for Terry.  Thanks to everyone for their support!

During Phys. Ed. classes we wrapped up team building activities and started working on some transportation skills (running, skipping and galloping).  We played a variety of games to work on these skills and to get the students up and moving.  We talked about vigorous activity and how getting that level of activity in your day is very important.

Members of the Cross-Country team participated in their second race this past week as well.  Congratulations to all of our runners.  This week we will finish off the season with our divisional race, which is held at Assiniboine Park, on Thursday.  Best of luck to all our participants!