Last Week In Phys. Ed. (Sept. 26th-30th)

Last week in Phys. Ed. we celebrated Terry Fox Day by hosting a walk/run on Thursday afternoon.  Students, staff and parents all walked/ran a 1km loop around our school yard.  Students were encouraged to bring a Toonie for Terry.  Thanks to everyone for their support!

During Phys. Ed. classes we wrapped up team building activities and started working on some transportation skills (running, skipping and galloping).  We played a variety of games to work on these skills and to get the students up and moving.  We talked about vigorous activity and how getting that level of activity in your day is very important.

Members of the Cross-Country team participated in their second race this past week as well.  Congratulations to all of our runners.  This week we will finish off the season with our divisional race, which is held at Assiniboine Park, on Thursday.  Best of luck to all our participants!



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