Last Week In Phys. Ed. (Oct.11th-14th)

A shorter week last week, but we still managed to pack a lot into it.  Students started working on throwing and catching.  Grade 4/5 students started working on lead up activities to Team Handball.  We will continue to work on throwing and catching in the next couple of weeks and then we will break for Halloween-themed games.

Some of the games we played this past week were Angry Birds, Pin guard, Bench Ball as well as some other skill development activities.

Our Circus PE students are continuing to work their way through their circus skills checklist.  We will be having 3 assessor visits this week followed by a few more next week.  We also are working on having one of the coaches from École Nationale de Cirque come to ÉRB in late October or early November!  As a bonus last week we had Robin Chestnut (a professional juggler) come and do a performance for us Tuesday morning.  He hung around after his performance to help teach some of the students the basics of juggling.  It was definitely a hit!



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