Last Week In Phys. Ed. (Nov. 28th – Dec. 2nd)

A week full of speed stacking and skipping  this past week.  All grade levels have spent some time building their skills in both activities.  We’ve spent some time working on individual skipping as well as long rope (group) skipping.  We will continue to work on some skipping tricks in the coming week with those students that have mastered the basics.

In speed stacking we’ve worked on a variety of stacks.  The younger groups have worked on 3 stacks, both in isolation and as part of a 3-3-3 stack.  Our older groups have also worked on 3 stacks, but also 6 stacks.  We’ve spent some time doing some basics, and have also put our skills to the test in some challenges and races.  Our most popular activity has definitely been “March Madness”, which I discovered online.  It works like a march madness playoff bracket with the slowest stacker being eliminated each round until there are only two stackers left.  More stacking to come next week!




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