Last Week In Phys. Ed. (Jan. 9th-13th)

A good first week back for everyone!  Got right into the swing of things with a “fitness week”.  Students did a variety of activities to work on increasing their fitness level.  We did a timed run, fitness stations, a type of strength-tathalon and a few other fitness themed games.  The students did a great job of getting going right away.

With the older students we played “the human heart” game.  It had the students following the path of the blood from the muscles, to the heart, to the lungs and then making it’s way back to the muscles.  It was a neat experience for the students to better understand how the body works.

Grade 5 basketball information also went home last week.  Practices will be starting up this week.  All students in grade 5 are welcome to participate.  Hope to see you out!



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