Monthly Archives: November 2017

Last Week In Phys. Ed. (Nov. 20th-24th)

A full week of curling last week in PE.  We have the divisional gym curling sets for two weeks.  We are working curling into our rolling unit to help introduce our students to a great winter sport that is ideal for our long Winnipeg winters.  We’ve also been working hard on our rolling skills.  Students played some low organized games that involved rolling to help hone those skills.

Last week towards to end of the week, and to start this week we are starting to move from rolling activities to throwing and catching activities.  We will concentrate on those skills over the next few weeks before we start to wind down for the holiday break.

A reminder to our Team Handball players and parents that our tournament will be help on Dec. 8th at 1:10pm.  The girls will be playing their games at Sansome, the boys games will be played at ÉRB.

Last Week In Phys. Ed. (Nov. 13th-17th)

A full week of rolling games, activities, and skill development.  Students had a chance to play Doctor Pinguard, Individual Pinguard, Goal Ball, Knockout Ball, Super Bowling and a variety of other activities to work on their rolling.  We will continue down that road next week as well.

We will also be having the divisional curling equipment dropped off this week.  Students will get a chance to curl in the gym over the coming two weeks.  Hopefully we can get a few more students hooked on curling by the end of our unit.


Last Month…and a bit in PE (Oct. 1st – Nov 10th)

Time to get back at it again!  Sorry for the lack of updates.  I was away on parental leave for 3 weeks and then took a week to get things sorted out again.  Now back in the office/gym and ready to rock!  October was a busy month.  Students spent the majority of the month working on the transport skills (running, jumping, hopping, skipping and galloping).  We played a variety of games to work on these skills in game situations as well as in isolation.  Students were evaluated on these skills for the term 1 report card.

Towards the end of the month students had a chance to visit the haunted basement (created by M. Koester and M. Walden) while I was away.  I never got a chance to see the finished product myself, but I heard it was pretty spooky.  I’ll look forward to helping out again next halloween.

Our Team Handball season is now well underway.  Both teams have played a game and have had several practices.  They will each be playing a total of 3 games and participating in a friendship tournament in December.

Now that I’m back at work again you can look forward to blog posts every week…or at least that’s the goal.  Like I said earlier, I was away on parental leave.  I’d like to welcome my son Bram Daniel Vermeylen, born on Oct. 15th.  He’s doing well and cannot wait to visit everyone at ÉRB throughout the school year.