Last Week In Phys. Ed….a two for one special! (Feb. 19th-Mar. 2)

These past two weeks in PE have been steady.  We’ve started working on some volleyball skills, had some circus skills practice time, and pulled out the speed stacks.  We are beginning our prep for the divisional speed stacking tournament, which is held April 18th and 19th, as well as the divisional grade 5 volleyball tournament which is held in May.

For volleyball we’ve been concentrating on getting good service technique down, proper positioning on the court as well as working on the three catches/self-tosses/volleys (to the net, along the net, over the net).  We’ve seen some great skills from all our students in all grade levels.

Our grade 5 basketball teams have both played their final games of the season and will be participating in the friendship basketball tournament tomorrow at Sansome School from (1:10pm-3:30pm).  Best of luck to all of our players!


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