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Last Week In PE (April 16th-27th)

Another two for one deal!  April has turned out to be a busy month here at ÉRB.  We’ve had quite a bit on the go over the past few weeks.  We’ve been working on striking games in class (hockey, ringette, bopper hockey).  Students have been doing some skill development as well and mini games.  We also had a guest appearance from Tennis Manitoba.  They came by last week to work on some tennis skills with our students.  Everyone had a great time!

A select group of students had the opportunity to present Circus Arts at the board office meeting last Tuesday and they also had the opportunity to act as teachers/presenters at the Physical Literacy Training Day Workshop last Friday.  This group did a fantastic job!  Way to go everyone!

We participated in the divisional Speed Stacking competition on the 18th.  Our school put in a great effort.  Congrats to Mike M. for finishing 4th in the boys’ Cycle Stack category!

In the coming weeks we are going to be doing some soccer/kicking activites during PE class.  M. Koester and I are also planning a “breakout PE” class using the escape boxes that we’ve borrowed from the division.  Stay tuned for more details.   Hope everyone has an awesome week!

The Last Few Weeks in PE

The blog has definitely taken a hit since Spring Break.  I’ll try to be back on top of things with my weekly posts.  Here’s what we’ve been up to over the last few weeks in PE.

Classes have been busy golfing…no not outdoors!  I wish.  We’ve been borrowing the SNAG Golf set from the division.  SNAG stands for Starting New At Golf.  It’s a great kit that really breaks down the technique of golf and makes it very kid friendly.  We’ve spent a good two weeks perfecting our putting, chipping, pitching and driving.  It’s been a lot of fun.

April also brought the start of Wellness Month.  The first week our theme was Hydration.  Students were busy tracking their water consumption and trying to maintain a good level of hydration throughout the day.  The second week was Exercise.  We started every day with an Active Start (5 minutes of walking in the halls).  Next week Mindfulness.

We’ve also started up Marathon Club and Volleyball Club.  Our Volleyball Club is for grade 5 students only.  They’ve been practicing every day 1 & 2 and are working towards competing the our volleyball tournament in early May.  For Marathon Club we are now over 70 participants!  We run every Wednesday and Friday morning at 8:15.  Our goal is to train to run in the High 5 Run as well as the Super Run (as part of the MB Marathon).