Welcome Back!

Welcome back everyone!  Hope that you all had a great summer.  I’m sure everyone is excited to be back…I know M. Koester and I are!  We’ve got lots in the works for the upcoming school year and cannot wait to get going.  Looking forward to catching up with all parents and students over the coming weeks.

To start off in September we will be working on some team building and cooperation games, as well as getting organized with our classroom routines and procedures.  A few housekeeping reminders for everyone.  Please make sure that you bring appropriate footwear to the gym for PE classes.  Skateboarding shoes aren’t great for running in!  Students is grades 4 and 5 need a change of clothes for class.  Something comfortable to wear and be active in is perfect!  A gym bag is also a must! (a plastic bag works too!)

September will also be the start of our grade 4/5 Cross Country season.  Students should be bringing home information regarding practices and meets in the first few days of school.

See you all Friday!

M. Vermeylen


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