Last Week In Phys. Ed. (Sept. 17-21)

Things are starting to roll now in Phys. Ed.  We’ve got all of our routines established and all classes have had a handful of PE classes now.  We’ve been working on some cooperative games as well as some team building activities over the course of the week.  Some of the younger groups have been playing some simple locomotor games to get them up and moving safely in the gym.  In the coming weeks we are going to look more into the transport skills as well as some fitness activities.

Next week we will also be starting up Circus Club.  It’s open to grade 4 and 5 students and runs over the lunch hour on Day 6. Hope to see you there!

Last week we had our first Cross Country race.  Students did a great job!  We even had a couple of first place finishers (congrats Knox and Jack)!  This week we will have our second race on Wednesday (weather permitting) at ÉRB starting at 4:05pm. Good luck to all our participants.

Once we roll over into October we will also be starting up intramurals.  Intramurals run on days 3,4 and 5 and are open to students in grades 3,4 and 5.  Students will be notified of which intramural sport will be played, will need to sign up with M. Vermeylen or M. Koester and will be placed on a team.  We will do a round robin style tournament with the top placing team at each grade having a chance to face off against the teachers.  Stay tuned for more info.


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