Monthly Archives: December 2018

Last Month in Phys. Ed. (December)

Sorry for the delay!  December has been a busy month here.  Lots on the go over the past few weeks before we break for the holidays.  Our team handball teams finished up their seasons with our annual friendship tournament the first week of December.  Everyone did a fantastic job and showed great improvement over the course of the season.

In class we worked on throwing and catching as well as some dribbling/bouncing.  We played all kinds of games and activities to work on these skills.  Some of the older grades had a chance to play a little bit of team handball and some basketball lead up activities before the break.

We’ve been working hard on our fitness as well in PE class.  We’ve been trying to working in a HIIT circuit once a week when possible.  Students have also started wearing heart rate monitors to track their effort level during these circuits.

We will be wrapping up the month with our Teachers vs Students team handball game on Friday afternoon.  Wishing everyone a safe, happy and active break!  See you in January.

Last Week In Phys. Ed. (Nov. 26th-30th)

Not too much new to report this past week.  We are continuing to work on throwing and catching.  We’ve been playing a ton of games involving one or both of those skills.  We will continue to do so for another week or so.

Some of our older grades have also been trying their hand at some team handball lead up activities to work on throwing/catching as well as some territory/invasion game strategy at the same time.  No team handball games last week.  Both teams will play their final games this coming week.