1st post in a while

I’ve been taking a break from the blog, but figured it was time for a post.  Wellness Month is wrapping up here at ÉRB, students have been busy tracking their water consumption, activity, sleep and have spent some time working on mindfulness.  It’s been a good month for everyone and I feel that all students have a better appreciation for what it means to be health and well!

In Phys. Ed. we’ve been doing a variety of things.  We been golfing (indoors), playing some hockey and also spent some time doing breakout boxes.  Lots of fun activities!  We will be transitioning to some new activities next week including soccer, hockey and maybe some field day activities as well.

Grade 5 Volleyball has also just begun.  We will be practicing twice a week and will be participating in a tournament on May 15th at Westwood Collegiate.

Tonight is our divisional speed stacking tournament.  Best of luck to our 12 representatives!

Lastly, the High 5 Run is only a month away.  Check out highfiverun.wordpress.com for all the details.  Hope to see you out on May 27th!


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