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Last Week In Phys. Ed. (Nov. 26th-30th)

Not too much new to report this past week.  We are continuing to work on throwing and catching.  We’ve been playing a ton of games involving one or both of those skills.  We will continue to do so for another week or so.

Some of our older grades have also been trying their hand at some team handball lead up activities to work on throwing/catching as well as some territory/invasion game strategy at the same time.  No team handball games last week.  Both teams will play their final games this coming week.


Last Week In Phys. Ed. (Nov. 19th-23rd)

We have moved on to throwing and catching.  Lots and lots of games in the repertoire to work on these skills.  Students have been and will be playing some pinguard-style games, dodgeball-style games, target games (such as Angry Birds) and maybe even trying out some Team Handball (Grade 4s and 5s).  We will be working on throwing and catching for the next few weeks as they are skills that are very important in many sports and leisure activities.

Our team handball season continues to roll along.  Teams played their second game at Sansome school last week.  They will be having a bye week this week and then will resume play next week.  Our friendship tournament will be on Friday Dec. 7th.  Best of luck to all involved.

Last Week In Phys. Ed. (Nov. 12th-16th)

More of the same this past week in PE.  Curling, knockout ball, beanbag tag, bowling, pinguard and many other rolling/sliding activities.  Students have spent two weeks working on rolling and we will be transitioning to other movement skills starting next week.  Rolling is one of the many manipulation skills we will be working on this year.

Both of our teams had their first Team Handball games last week.  Great work by everyone involved.  Both teams will play again this week and then have one more game the first week of December.

Our intramurals and circus club are going strong during lunch hours.  We meet on day 3 for grade 3, day 4 for grade 4 and day 5 for grade 5.  Circus club runs on day 6.  These programs are open to anyone in that specific grade level.

Last Week In Phys. Ed. (Nov. 5th-9th)

A great week of curling in PE this past week.  We’ve been working on our rolling/sliding through the sport of curling.  We’ve got the divisional floor curling sets booked for the next two weeks and will continue to play throughout the week.  In addition to curling students have been participating in other rolling activities including bowling, knockout ball, beanbag tag, just to name a few.  Rolling in one of the manipulation skills that we will be assessing in term two PE.

Just a friendly reminder that both of our team handball teams will be having their first games next week.  Best of luck to all our participants!

Last Week In Phys. Ed. (Oct. 29th – Nov. 2)

Halloween fun this week in PE!  Lots of Halloween themed games and trips through the haunted basement.  Students played graveyard, zombie tag, zombies, ghostbusters, magic shake, and many more.  The haunted basement was a lot of fun!  We also hosted the Halloween costume parade in the gym on the afternoon of Halloween.  Everyone had a chance to show off their costumes, and we even fit in a dance while we were in the gym.  Everyone’s costumes looked great.

Next week we will be starting up rolling activities.  Lots of bowling, curling and other rolling/sliding games are in the works.

Last Week In Phys. Ed. (Oct. 9th-26th)

This is a 3 for 1 special!  It’s been a busy couple of weeks.  Sorry for the lack of posts.  Over the past 3 weeks in Phys. Ed. we’ve been focusing on transport skills.  Students have been playing all types of games and activities to work on these skills.  As a wrap up students were also asked to perform the skills (run, jump, hop, skip, gallop) in isolation as part of their movement evaluation for the fall report cards.  M. Koester and I also spent a fair bit of time setting up this years Haunted House/Basement for all the students.  This past week and the coming week students will have the chance to go through the haunted house as part of our Halloween celebrations at ÉRB.

We also spent some time trying out a few of the new activities that M. Koester and I picked up at MTS PD Day this year.  We’ve been trying some HIIT circuits with all grade levels and they’ve really enjoyed them.  It’s a quick way to get everyone’s heart rate up and get a good sweat on!

Once our Halloween celebrations wrap up we will be moving onto a sliding, curling, rolling unit.  We’ve got the divisional gym curling sets booked for the first few weeks on November!

Last Week In Phys. Ed. (Oct. 1st-5th)

A full week of running, jumping, hopping, skipping and galloping in PE!  Our students have been busy working on their transport movement skills over the past week.  We will continue to work on these skills in the coming week as well.  We’ve been playing games such as Rodeo, Sharks & Pirates, Yoshi, Mario Kart and many others.  These 5 movement skills will be the main focus of our assessment and evaluation on term 1 report cards later in November.

We also finished off the cross country running season this week.  Our students took part in the divisional race held at Assiniboine Park on Oct. 4th.  Everyone put in a great effort, especially under such extreme conditions.  Well done everyone!

Congratulations to Jack R. for finishing 1st overall in the school division in the grade 5 boys category!

Last Week In Phys. Ed. (Sept. 24th-28th)

Last week in Phys. Ed. our focus was on fitness.  All classes played various games to get their hearts pumping.  With some of our older groups we discussed the meaning of “moderate to vigorous exercise” and how that it is important to get 60 minutes of exercise a day.

Students also had the chance to participate in some fitness circuits set up around the gym.  Equipment included: Battle Ropes, Bosu Balls, Medicine Balls, Agility Ladders, and much more.

This week we move from fitness on to transport skills.  Students will be working at perfecting their running, jumping, hopping, skipping and galloping.

Featured Article in WAVE Magazine

Check out this featured article in Winnipeg Regional Health Authority’s WAVE magazine.  It features interviews with a few ÉRB alumni and showcases our Circus Arts program that we are running in Physical Education.  Definitely worth a read!

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Last Week In Phys. Ed. (Sept. 17-21)

Things are starting to roll now in Phys. Ed.  We’ve got all of our routines established and all classes have had a handful of PE classes now.  We’ve been working on some cooperative games as well as some team building activities over the course of the week.  Some of the younger groups have been playing some simple locomotor games to get them up and moving safely in the gym.  In the coming weeks we are going to look more into the transport skills as well as some fitness activities.

Next week we will also be starting up Circus Club.  It’s open to grade 4 and 5 students and runs over the lunch hour on Day 6. Hope to see you there!

Last week we had our first Cross Country race.  Students did a great job!  We even had a couple of first place finishers (congrats Knox and Jack)!  This week we will have our second race on Wednesday (weather permitting) at ÉRB starting at 4:05pm. Good luck to all our participants.

Once we roll over into October we will also be starting up intramurals.  Intramurals run on days 3,4 and 5 and are open to students in grades 3,4 and 5.  Students will be notified of which intramural sport will be played, will need to sign up with M. Vermeylen or M. Koester and will be placed on a team.  We will do a round robin style tournament with the top placing team at each grade having a chance to face off against the teachers.  Stay tuned for more info.