Last Week In Phys. Ed. (Dec. 4th-8th)

This past week we wrapped up our Team Handball interscholastic teams.  Both teams participated in the district 3 friendship tournament.  The girls played at Sansome and the boys played at ÉRB.  All players did a fantastic job and showed some great improvement this season. The teams will have one last chance to play this month when the face off against the teachers on the last day of school before the holiday break. The next interscholastic team will be basketball.  Which will start up in January 2018.

In regular PE classes we continued to work on Throwing and Catching activities.  Students are spending classes getting lots of repetitions in overhand throwing, underhand throwing, catching while stationary as well as catching on the move.  We will continue to work on these skills in the coming days as we slowly transition into basketball-type activities with the students.

Our intramural soccer season is also winding down.  Students can look for a new intramural activity to be starting up in January.  We will be following the same schedule.  Grade 3s play on Day 3, 4s on Day 4 and 5s on Day 5. The plan right now it to have a “drop in” style month of intramurals where students get a chance to play spike ball, gaga ball and maybe some racquetball.


Last Week In Phys. Ed. (Nov. 27th-Dec. 1st)

A bit of a transition week in classes last week.  We are slowly moving away from rolling activities and moving into throwing/catching activities.  We are also starting to add in some holiday-themed activities now that we are making out way into December.

Students had one last crack at gym curling last week.  It’s definitely been nice having the equipment here and we hope that we’ve encouraged some students to check out real curling in the future.

We played quite a few throwing and catching games last week.  We played Slam Ball (a lead up activity to Spike Ball).  Swam Ball, and even just gave the students a chance to play “catch”.  It’s nice to take time to just throw and catch a ball, frisbee, foxtail, whatever…without the stress of a game situation.  These are two skills that many of our students find challenging.  Playing catch will definitely help your child become a more proficient thrower and catcher…if you have a chance over the holiday break grab a ball, a toy, a balled up sock, whatever you can find and try throwing/catching with you child.  Even a few minutes of practice can make a world of difference.

Our team handball teams both played their final games last week.  Thanks to M. Koester for handling all the coaching duties this year, since I was away on leave.  Our teams will have one more chance to play at our district #3 friendship tournament on the afternoon of December 8th.  The Boys will be playing at ÉRB and the girls at Sansome School.  Hope to see you out to cheer on our players!

Last Week In Phys. Ed. (Nov. 20th-24th)

A full week of curling last week in PE.  We have the divisional gym curling sets for two weeks.  We are working curling into our rolling unit to help introduce our students to a great winter sport that is ideal for our long Winnipeg winters.  We’ve also been working hard on our rolling skills.  Students played some low organized games that involved rolling to help hone those skills.

Last week towards to end of the week, and to start this week we are starting to move from rolling activities to throwing and catching activities.  We will concentrate on those skills over the next few weeks before we start to wind down for the holiday break.

A reminder to our Team Handball players and parents that our tournament will be help on Dec. 8th at 1:10pm.  The girls will be playing their games at Sansome, the boys games will be played at ÉRB.

Last Week In Phys. Ed. (Nov. 13th-17th)

A full week of rolling games, activities, and skill development.  Students had a chance to play Doctor Pinguard, Individual Pinguard, Goal Ball, Knockout Ball, Super Bowling and a variety of other activities to work on their rolling.  We will continue down that road next week as well.

We will also be having the divisional curling equipment dropped off this week.  Students will get a chance to curl in the gym over the coming two weeks.  Hopefully we can get a few more students hooked on curling by the end of our unit.


Last Month…and a bit in PE (Oct. 1st – Nov 10th)

Time to get back at it again!  Sorry for the lack of updates.  I was away on parental leave for 3 weeks and then took a week to get things sorted out again.  Now back in the office/gym and ready to rock!  October was a busy month.  Students spent the majority of the month working on the transport skills (running, jumping, hopping, skipping and galloping).  We played a variety of games to work on these skills in game situations as well as in isolation.  Students were evaluated on these skills for the term 1 report card.

Towards the end of the month students had a chance to visit the haunted basement (created by M. Koester and M. Walden) while I was away.  I never got a chance to see the finished product myself, but I heard it was pretty spooky.  I’ll look forward to helping out again next halloween.

Our Team Handball season is now well underway.  Both teams have played a game and have had several practices.  They will each be playing a total of 3 games and participating in a friendship tournament in December.

Now that I’m back at work again you can look forward to blog posts every week…or at least that’s the goal.  Like I said earlier, I was away on parental leave.  I’d like to welcome my son Bram Daniel Vermeylen, born on Oct. 15th.  He’s doing well and cannot wait to visit everyone at ÉRB throughout the school year.

Last Week In Phys. Ed. (Sept 25th-29th)

A big ‘thank you’ to all those that brought in Toonies for Terry last week!  Our school raised $483.95 to donate to the Terry Fox Foundation.  Great work everyone.  Thanks to all the parents, staff and students that came out for our walk on Thursday.  It was a beautiful day and it was a great turn out for our event!

Last week in PE classes students spent some time working on their fitness.  We did timed runs, relay races, games that focused on cardiovascular endurance and some strength activites as well.  Everyone got their hearts pumping and put in a great effort in all classes.

We also held our 2nd cross country race last Thursday.  All runners did a great job!  Looking forward to see how you all do at the divisional race on Oct. 5th.  Hopefully the weather continues to cooperate.

This week we are going to continue to work on developing our transport skills during PE classes.  We will also start organizing ourselves into teams to start up our fall intramural acitivity.  Students in grades 3-5 will have the chance to play indoor soccer in the coming weeks during the lunch hour.  The winning team at each grade level will have a chance to face off against the teachers at the end of the season.

Last Week In Phys. Ed. (Sept 18-22)

A good week of team building activities in PE classes.  We worked our way through a variety of activities last week. “Pathways” a game that M. Koester found online was a class favourite.  This game have students trying to uncover the secret pathway to get across the maze.  Each mistake resulted with the students running a lap to earn another turn at the secret path.  We also worked on some basic hand-to-hand circus instruction (aka pyramid building and group balancing).  Students really needed to communicate and work as a group to have success in those balance positions.  Some of our younger students also played some games to work on their fundamental movement skills.  We played Rodeo, Semis and Race Cars as well as a few others.  These games got students running, skipping, galloping, hopping and moving safely around the gym.

We participated in our first cross country race on Thursday last week.  All of our runners looked strong and put in good efforts.  Well done everyone!  Our next race is on Thursday at 4:05pm and will be held at ÉRB.

Next week we will continue to work on fundamental movement skills.  We are focusing on the transport skills for the remainder of September and October.  We will be playing a variety of games and activities to teach, learn and practice ways to transport the body in space.  Keep following along with us over the coming weeks.

Last Week In Phys. Ed. (The first full week!)

Our first full week back at school!  A busy week in the gym.  Students have been hard at work getting back into the swing of things.  We worked on some warm-up routines, proper change room etiquette and played a few simple games to get our bodies moving.

Students also spent a few minutes trying out some of the circus arts equipment available to them.  Grade 4 and 5 students will be tracking their progress throughout the year to try and complete the entire circus arts checklist.

We also held our first cross country running practice.  We had 30 students out for a jog on Wednesday.  We will be practicing on Mondays and Wednesdays and we have our first race on Thursday after school.  Best of luck to all our runners.

Let the good times roll!

September 5th!  We are back in the saddle!  M. Koester and I are excited to get the 2017-18 school year rolling.

This year we will be continuing with our Circus Infused Physical Education program.  Students will have the chance to try out many different circus arts during their time in PE classes.

We will also be running various intramural activities including soccer and floor hockey! Don’t forget that winning teams in each grade level get to face off against the teachers team at the end of the season.

For extra curricular activities we will be starting up with Cross Country Running for students in grade 4 and 5.  All students that are interested should come out to practices, regardless of previous long distance running ability.  Our divisional race is in early October so we need to get training ASAP!

In terms of our day to day classes, students will be exposed to a variety of activities that will help promote physically literacy and increase students understanding of what it means to be a physically literate individual.  We hope to instil competence and confidence in our students so they are able to leave École Robert Browning with the skills and knowledge to carry on a healthy and active life!

One new initiative that we are trying for the 2017-18 school year is Don’t Walk In The Hallway.  Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more information.  Can’t wait to give it a try!

Check back weekly with us to see what happened “last week in Phys. Ed.”!  You can subscribe to our blog by filling out the email link on the right of the page.

Highlights for 2016-17

Another great year of Browning Physical Education is wrapping up.  It’s time to look back on some of the highlights of 2016-17:

We participated in the Circus Art Instruction in Physical Education study and had a lot of fun doing it! Students were climbing, rolling, cartwheeling, juggling, hanging, balancing and much, much more.  We all had a total blast!  Thanks to Dr. Dean Kriellaars and everyone else involved in the study.

We had a full slate of intramural programming.  Indoor Soccer, Hockey and Dodgeball were all very successful this year.  Of course the teachers maintained their undefeated record in all sports!  Thanks to all the grade 3-5 students that came out to play.

We had several school sport teams this year.  Cross-Country, Team Handball, Basketball, Badminton, Speed Stacking, and Volleyball.  We saw a great turn out for all teams.  Looking forward to bigger and better things in 2017-18 with an even larger number of grade 5 students.

The 3rd annual High 5 Community 5km Run was wet and rainy again this year, but that didn’t dampen the spirits of the 150+ participants that run in the event.  Thanks to all the volunteers that braved the weather to help make this another memorable event.

In general it was an action packed year for everyone.  We tried out a ton of activities this year, including some new ones, rollerblading, ringette, escape boxes, as well as our usual favourites.

Hope that everyone has a safe, healthy and active summer.  All the best to you and your family.  See you in Sept. 2017!