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Last Week In Phys. Ed. (Feb 13th-17th)

Lots of striking last week in Phys. Ed.  Students had the opportunity to try out hockey sticks, ringette sticks and bopper hockey sticks (polo sticks) in a variety of striking activities.  We did some bowling, pin guard, and relay races with the different striking implements.  We also worked on stick handling and shooting on goalies and at targets (moving and stationary).

By far the most popular game was Bee Line.  A game in which two teams work at hitting a moving target (a person) walking back and forth across the game area.  Hitting the target causes it to change direction.  The object of the game is to have the moving target cross the goal line on your end of the gym.

We will continue with striking next week.  We also have a very special visit from a group of PE teachers from Sweden as well as from Dr. Dean Kreillaars, the professor running our Circus PE study.  Should be fun to show off some of our circus skills!


Last Week In Phys. Ed. (Dec. 12th-16th)

This week was kind of a mixed bag.  We did some circus activities, a bit of skipping, some holiday games and celebrated the new Star Wars movie by playing a Star Wars themed game.  Everyone is running pretty high in the anticipation of the holiday break.  We’ve been trying to keep as active and as busy as possible during our PE classes.  Next week we will do more of the same.

Intramurals have wrapped up for the year.  Thanks to everyone that came out and played soccer.  Our next intramural activity will start up in January.  One other special activity planned for the month of December is our teachers vs students team handball game.  We will be playing on Thursday, Dec. 22nd in the afternoon.  Looking forward to it!


Last Week In Phys. Ed. (Dec. 5th – 9th)

Another full week of skipping, speed stacking and circus activities.  Most of the week was spent in stations giving students the chance to work on specific skills in each of the three areas.  Some students are really becoming quite fast at stacking!

Next week we will transition out of skipping, speed stacking and circus activities and move into holiday games.  We will continue to throw these activities back into the mix.  Our divisional speed stacking tournament is in April of 2017.  We are also continuing along with our Circus PE study, so students will have a chance to work on their circus skills throughout the year.

Congratulations to all our team handball players.  The girls and boys had the opportunity to play in the divisional tournament last Friday.  Everyone did a great job and really well represented our school!  Thanks to everyone for a great season!

You can see a few pictures from the tournament on our instagram account @BrowingPhysEd

Last Week In Phys. Ed. (Oct 31st – Nov 4th)

A very full week this past week in Phys. Ed..  We started off the week with a bang.  Halloween was a big event at ÉRB.  Students had one last crack at the Haunted House during the morning, and we had our annual costume parade in the gym in the afternoon.  A fun, high energy day for everyone involved.

We were very fortunate this past week.  We had a special guest from École Nationale de Cirque visit us for two mornings.  M. Sylvain Rainville from ÉNC is a coach, trainer, teacher at the school and is a specialist in the Hand-to-Hand discipline of circus arts.  He worked with our grade 4 and 5 students that are involved in the circus study.  We learned a lot of neat things from him.  It was really a nice treat to have him in!

We also started up our Target Games unit with regular PE classes.  We have the divisional gym curling sets for the next two weeks.  We’ve been curling, bowling and playing a few other target games in class.  It’s been a nice change of pace from the other activities that we’ve been doing so far this year.  We will continue with target games next week, then we will transition to indoor soccer to wrap up the month of November.


Last Week In Phys. Ed. (Oct.11th-14th)

A shorter week last week, but we still managed to pack a lot into it.  Students started working on throwing and catching.  Grade 4/5 students started working on lead up activities to Team Handball.  We will continue to work on throwing and catching in the next couple of weeks and then we will break for Halloween-themed games.

Some of the games we played this past week were Angry Birds, Pin guard, Bench Ball as well as some other skill development activities.

Our Circus PE students are continuing to work their way through their circus skills checklist.  We will be having 3 assessor visits this week followed by a few more next week.  We also are working on having one of the coaches from École Nationale de Cirque come to ÉRB in late October or early November!  As a bonus last week we had Robin Chestnut (a professional juggler) come and do a performance for us Tuesday morning.  He hung around after his performance to help teach some of the students the basics of juggling.  It was definitely a hit!


Last Week In Phys. Ed. (Apr.25th – Apr. 29th)

Lots of fitness testing this week in PE class.  Students took part in their final week of fitness tests this year.  We tested ourselves 3 times this year with the hopes of improving our scores each time.  The students all did a fantastic job, and were really motivated, even on a Friday.  Great work everyone!  The tests that we did this year were: the 15m pacer test (beep test), a timed run (various times depending on grade level) and the 100 second challenge (how many exercises can you do in 100 secs).

As the weather starts to improve we will start to move some of our classes outdoors.  We will be continuing a bit more with golfing and will also be adding in some soccer skills, games and activities.  M. Koester and I hope to maybe even make our own golf course in the school yard at some point.

As an added bonus this week we had the divisional juggling kit at our school.  Students spent a few minutes each class working on plate spinning, diabolos and juggling balls, rings and clubs.  Next year we will have our own juggling equipment as part of our Circus Infused PE program.  Can’t wait!

Don’t forget, the High 5 Run is not that far away.  Registration for the race closes May 15th!  Visit highfiverun.wordpress.com for more info.


Last Week In Phys. Ed. (Feb. 22nd – Feb. 26th)

A little bit of hockey, a little bit of circus and a whole bunch of fun!  This past week I shared some of the basic things I learned while away a circus school with the grade 3-5 students.  By the end of a few classes students were making pyramids and were able to do a few hand-to-hand positions.  I’m really looking forward to see where this journey into Circus Phys. Ed. takes us.

We also had the opportunity to work on some hockey skills this week.  Students started working on their stick handling skills as well as some shooting.  We will continue to work on our hockey skills through various games and activities in the coming weeks.

This week also marks the end of the basketball season.  Congratulations to both teams, you did a fantastic job!  Next Friday (March 4th) will be the District #3 Friendship Basketball Tournament.  Best of luck to all our participants.  Students should stay tuned for more information on upcoming teams following spring break.


Last Week In Phys. Ed. (Feb. 15th – Feb. 20th) The Circus Edition

Last week in Phys. Ed. students at ÉRB had M. Walden as a substitute teacher all week.  I was in Montreal learning at École Nationale De Cirque.  Over the past few months I have been a part of their online Circus Instructors course.  This past week was my 1 week of practical training at the school.

I spent 8 days learning fundamentals in the areas of Hand-to-Hand, Acrobatics, Manipulation, Aerials, and Balance activities.  I’m really excited to be back home now with a chance to share some of what I’ve learned.

In the 2016-17 school year our school will be part of a study that will compare circus-infused PE programs vs. those programs that teach traditional PE.  Stay tuned for more info in the future.

Last Week In Phys. Ed. (Feb. 8th – Feb. 12th)

Last week in PE class we didn’t have a chance to get back out on the skis.  It was a pretty brisk week.  Hopefully the weather will cooperate over the next few weeks and we will get a chance to get back outdoors.  We have the skis until the end of February so there’s still plenty of time.

Since we had classes indoors we spent the majority of our time working on our bouncing, dribbling and basketball-related skills.  Students had the opportunity to play a variety of games that got them dribbling while doing other activities, such as playing tag, building hula huts and filling in connect 4 score cards.  Next week we will be continuing with basketball-related skill development.


Next week I will be running away to the circus!….well not quite.  I will be away at École Nationale De Cirque in Montreal next week.  I will be part of a group that is taking the circus instructors course they offer.  I hope to come back with a wide variety of new circus-based activities that we can incorporate into our PE program here at ÉRB.  In fact, next year the students at ÉRB will be taking part in a study that will evaluate the benefits of “Circus Infused Physical Education”  Cannot wait to share all the things I learn.