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Last Week In Phys. Ed. (Mar. 13th-17th)

Our last full week of volleyball related PE classes.  Students had the chance to play some triple ball (our format of volleyball), spike ball, table ball, handball, and a few other games.  We also opened up the speedstacks for the first time in a while.

We have started having speedstacking practices over the lunch hour.  We will be starting up time trials soon to figure out who we will be taking to the divisional tournament on April 19th.

Grade 5 volleyball is also underway.  Students are practicing every day 1 & 2 during the lunch hour.  We will be participating in a tournament on May 10th at Westwood Collegiate.  We currently have 35 students participating in volleyball club!

Next week we will be starting a golf unit.  We will have the divisional SNAG golf set for two weeks.  Looking forward to getting some clubs swinging!


Last Week In Phys. Ed. (Apr. 13th – Apr. 16th)

Spring has sprung at ÉRB!  Last week marked the beginning of our Marathon Club practices.  We have over 40 students out with us training to run upwards of 2 miles. Practices run on tuesdays/thursdays from 8:15-8:55am.  Great job runners!

In class we are continuing to work on striking. We have now wrapped up our basic striking unit and will be moving on to racquet sports in the coming weeks.  Hopefully the weather will cooperate and we will have a chance to do some racquet sports outdoors.

We have now finalized our speed stacking team for the upcoming tournament on April 22nd.  You can check out the teams & clubs section for more information on who made the team.  Best of luck to all participants.

Congratulations Stackers!

This year was another very competitive year in speed stacking at ÉRB.  We have narrowed down our team to the 12 finalists that will be representing us at the divisional tournament on April 22nd, 2015.  Congratulations to everyone!


Jersea H     Jarrett R

Mackenzie R     Rylan G

Kendra H     Lucas L

Emily D     Brendan P

Cycle Stack

Hailee M     Callan G

Meaghan F     Jack P

Last Week In Phys. Ed. (Mar. 2nd – Mar. 6th)

Last week in Phys. Ed. we continued with striking.  Students had the chance to play floor hockey, ringette, bopper hockey and a few other striking-related games.  We will continue on with striking this coming week and then transition on to speedstacking as well as a few other activities.

Our basketball teams also played their last games of the season on Friday.  We had the chance to participate in the district #3 Friendship Basketball Tournament.  Thanks to all players for their great attitude and great sportsmanship!  Thanks to Mme Flynn and M. Koester for their help with the team as well. The basketball teams will have one more opportunity to play in the coming weeks against the ÉRB staff.


A big congratulations goes out to all the members of our divisional speed stacking team!  You were all great ambassadors for our school and put in a great effort at the tournament.  Well done!

An additional congratulations to the following members that earned awards at last night’s tournament.

Carson K. – 1st Place Boys Cycle Stack

Alex R. – 4th Place Boys Cycle Stack

Callan G. – 4th Place Boys 3-6-3

Brendan P. – 3rd Place Boys 3-6-3

Sheldon S. – 2nd Place Boys 3-6-3