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Last Week In Phys Ed (Jan 26th – Jan 30th)

Another week of dribbling, passing and shooting at ÉRB.  Students continued to work on a variety of basketball-related activities this past week in Phys. Ed.  Students will continue to do similar activities next week and will slowly transition into striking activities in the coming weeks.

Our bopper hockey intramurals came to an end this week.  The winning teams from grades 3-5 had the opportunity to play a game versus the teachers over the lunch hour.  The grade 3 and 4 teams had good games and were just edged out by the teachers team.  The grade 5 team was able to muster up a tie with the teachers in an all out battle!  Stay tuned for information for our next intramural activity.

Don’t forget that registration for the High Five Community 5km Run is now open!


Last Week In Phys. Ed. (Jan. 19th – Jan. 23rd)

Last week in Phys. Ed. was the beginning of our basketball/bouncing unit.  Students in grades K-2 started working on their bouncing skills.  We took some time to work on the fundamentals of bouncing (bouncing with the fingers, keeping our head up, moving while bouncing) and also played some games to work on our skills (connect 4 dribbling, sharks in the middle).

Students in grades 3-5 also worked on their bouncing, however, we looked at bouncing more as dribbling in a basketball game.  These students also worked on some of the fundamentals of bouncing a ball, and also got to play some of the games that the younger groups did.  The grade 3-5 students also got some time to work on their shooting technique and had a chance to play a few games to practice shooting (team bump, flickerball).

We will continue to work on our basketball/bouncing skills over the next week.  Students in grades 3-5 will have an opportunity to apply their skills to game like situations.   Students in K-2 will continue to play a variety of games to work on perfecting their bouncing skills.

Last Week In Phys. Ed. (Jan 12th – Jan 16th)

Last week in Phys. Ed. we continued to work on our gymnastics.  Classes had the chance to work on rolls (log rolls, banana rolls, forward rolls and backwards rolls), springs, landings, balance and a few supports.  Most of our practicing was done playing Mission Impossible.  In Mission Impossible students work their way through a variety of obstacles without tripping the alarm/setting off the traps.  The highlight for most students was the chance to use a spring board and trapezoid mat to work on their springs and landings.

This week also marks the start of our basketball season.  Both the boys’ and girls’ teams had their first practices this week.  Games will be starting in a little under a month.  Parents of basketball participants should be sure to sign up for the Remind text messaging service to be notified of practices and games, as well as cancellations.

In the upcoming week we will start looking at basketball during scheduled Phys. Ed. time as well as some bouncing-related activities with the younger students.

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Last Week In Phys. Ed. (Jan. 5th – Jan. 9th)

A busy, and cold first week back!  Our gymnastics unit is underway.  Students worked on a variety of gymnastics-related skills including balancing, landings, springs, rolls and a few supports.  We will continue to work on some of these skills next week as well.  We were fortunate enough to get the first crack at using the newly purchased gymnastics equipment package provided by the school division and our Phys. Ed. Coordinator JJ Ross.

Last week information regarding our extracurricular basketball teams was also sent home.  Students in grade 5 will begin practices this week and will have games starting in early February.  Best of luck to all participants.

Finally, our High Five Community 5km Run registration is now open!  You can check out our site at for more information.  Should be an exciting event!

Happy New Year! Basketball Begins!

Happy New Year everyone!  Hope that you all had a nice holiday break and had a chance to recharge your batteries.  Just a quick reminder to all grade five students and parents that basketball season is upon us.  Information regarding both the girls’ and boys’ teams will be sent home today.  Practices will start next week.  If you have any questions feel free to contact me at the school.  You can also visit our Basketball team page for more information as well as printable forms. Hope 2015 is an awesome year!