Monthly Archives: December 2017

Last Week In Phys. Ed. and This Week In Phys. Ed.

One last blog post before the holiday break.  It’s been a fun-filled couple of weeks here.  We’ve been working on throwing, catching, dribbling, and a bit of basketball-related skill development throughout the weeks.  We’ve also had a sprinkling of holiday themed games added to our PE classes in the past few weeks.  Some of the games we’ve been playing include: Sled Races, Tree Decorating, Football Route Running, Angry Birds as well as many others.  We will continue with this plan for the next few days.  To cap off this month of school we will be playing a teachers vs students handball game on the last day (Dec. 22nd) during periods 7 & 8.

Next month we will have lots of fun things in the works.  Cross Country Skiing, Racquet Sports and Gymnastics.  We will also be starting our next intramural activity (Gaga Ball).  Hope that everyone has a safe and healthy holiday season.  See you all in 2018!

Last Week In Phys. Ed. (Dec. 4th-8th)

This past week we wrapped up our Team Handball interscholastic teams.  Both teams participated in the district 3 friendship tournament.  The girls played at Sansome and the boys played at ÉRB.  All players did a fantastic job and showed some great improvement this season. The teams will have one last chance to play this month when the face off against the teachers on the last day of school before the holiday break. The next interscholastic team will be basketball.  Which will start up in January 2018.

In regular PE classes we continued to work on Throwing and Catching activities.  Students are spending classes getting lots of repetitions in overhand throwing, underhand throwing, catching while stationary as well as catching on the move.  We will continue to work on these skills in the coming days as we slowly transition into basketball-type activities with the students.

Our intramural soccer season is also winding down.  Students can look for a new intramural activity to be starting up in January.  We will be following the same schedule.  Grade 3s play on Day 3, 4s on Day 4 and 5s on Day 5. The plan right now it to have a “drop in” style month of intramurals where students get a chance to play spike ball, gaga ball and maybe some racquetball.

Last Week In Phys. Ed. (Nov. 27th-Dec. 1st)

A bit of a transition week in classes last week.  We are slowly moving away from rolling activities and moving into throwing/catching activities.  We are also starting to add in some holiday-themed activities now that we are making out way into December.

Students had one last crack at gym curling last week.  It’s definitely been nice having the equipment here and we hope that we’ve encouraged some students to check out real curling in the future.

We played quite a few throwing and catching games last week.  We played Slam Ball (a lead up activity to Spike Ball).  Swam Ball, and even just gave the students a chance to play “catch”.  It’s nice to take time to just throw and catch a ball, frisbee, foxtail, whatever…without the stress of a game situation.  These are two skills that many of our students find challenging.  Playing catch will definitely help your child become a more proficient thrower and catcher…if you have a chance over the holiday break grab a ball, a toy, a balled up sock, whatever you can find and try throwing/catching with you child.  Even a few minutes of practice can make a world of difference.

Our team handball teams both played their final games last week.  Thanks to M. Koester for handling all the coaching duties this year, since I was away on leave.  Our teams will have one more chance to play at our district #3 friendship tournament on the afternoon of December 8th.  The Boys will be playing at ÉRB and the girls at Sansome School.  Hope to see you out to cheer on our players!