Monthly Archives: May 2017

A wild few weeks in Phys. Ed. (May 15th – Jun 2nd)

Sorry for no blog posts over the past few weeks.  We’ve been flying over here.  It’s been a busy few weeks for us.  Some of the things that we have been doing over the past few weeks include:

Escape Boxes, Cricket, Baseball, Grade 4/5 Track and Field Day, and our Community High 5 Run.

We will be starting up June with some rollerblading and playing some of our favourite games.  We have one last big event for June, and that is our Tabloid Day.  This year Tabloid day will be held on June 22nd in the afternoon.

Last Week In Phys. Ed. (May 8th-12th)

A fun week in Phys. Ed. this past week.  We continued on with racquet sports, and also got a chance to try out the Escape Boxes from our divisional set.  M. Vermeylen created a pirates themed “active escape room” for the students to solve.  Some of the riddles had students using agility ladders, others had them using the play structure.  We also needed to do some counting and math and a little bit of colour mixing as well.  The boxes were such a hit that M. Koester has been working on another theme for them.  Once everyone has a chance with the first set of clues we will re organized the boxes and try out the second theme next week.

Firendly Reminder:  High 5 Run registration ends on May 23rd.  Don’t forget to sign up!



Last Week In Phys. Ed. (May 1st-5th)

A full week of racquet sports last week in class.  Students had the chance to play tennis, badminton, table ball, ping pong, racquetball/squash and a few other racquet type activities.  We will continue on with racquet sports next week to give everyone a good chance to get in lots of repetitions in all the activities.

A few important dates for the future:

May 23rd is the deadline to register for the High 5 Community 5km Run

May 23rd is also our grade 4/5 divisional track and field day

May 30th is the deadline to register to run in one of the Manitoba Marathon events


High 5 Community 5km

Looking for a chance to do something active as a family?  Wanting to get in one more run before your next big race?  Don’t feel like getting up early on Father’s Day and driving to the U of M? There’s a family friendly 5km race right here in your neighbourhood.  May 29th, 2017 @ 4:30 École Robert Browning will be hosting the 3rd annual High 5 Community 5km Run.  The race is open to runners of any age.  There is a 2.5km loop and a 5km loop, both starting and ending at ÉRB.  If you are interesting in running or volunteering please visit our race website ( for more information.  Registration deadline is May 23rd.  The cost in only $5.00 per person.  All participants get a finisher ribbon and some light refreshments after the race.

Hope to see you there May 29th!  A family that runs together has fun together!

Last Week In Phys. Ed. (April 24th-28th)

Our second full week of gymnastics in PE classes.  Tons of fun had by everyone, even our non-gymnasts.  Students worked their way through ever-changing obstacle courses throughout the week.  They also spent some time working on some of their gymnastic skills in isolation.  We will make circus performers out of them yet!

Next week we will be starting up racquet sports.  Students will be working on badminton, tennis, racquetball and a few other racquet-themed activities.

Just a friendly reminder that registration for the High 5 Run closes on May 23rd!  Time to make the commitment!  Hope to see you out on May 29th!